I am sure since I found this in my draft folder on the eve of the Presidential election it must have  been something regarding voting.  I know that I do totally believe it is an absolute privilege; there are many countries that do not have this awesome responsibility. Yes, it is the same thing ..the privilege of responsibility.  It is a fact we live in this day and time now where people do sometime make so many excuses for not doing the simplest tasks; they would rather spend who knows how much wasted time trying to get out of doing things.  As a matter of fact if they realized the time and energy expended on making excuses, is three times the amount of time it would take to just do the task.

I am determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill my responsibilities. My mindset has been this way all my life; however, I will not do other people’s chores or their tasks, so that they can be lazy or irresponsible. I will help anyone and endeavor to encourage them; however, I absolutely will not be an enabler for slothfulness in anyone.  Get over the excuses, and get busy performing the doing of it.  I am absolutely determined you cannot help anybody by allowing them to get away with not doing their responsibilities, and using you as well.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

This being the eve of the Thanksgiving Holiday, 2012, I feel it only my heartfelt responsibility to reflect on the things we have to be thankful for in light of the many challenges we have faced this year so far.  Many, but for the grace of God, would have sent most of us to the brink, not to be confused with the fiscal cliff, which I am sure most of us do not even want to try to comprehend. I do not intend to list them all for this entire year, or 324 days.

Most recently, we have had Veteran’s Day, which always makes us very humble and thankful for the peace we have in our homeland. Also, for the many brave and valiant men and women who have gone ahead and fought for us to be having the many freedoms we do enjoy here in the United States. We are so glad to be done with the elections..hooray!
The fact that the most vicious Republican enemy of our President, Allen West a tea party radical  just today finally conceded to losing is another reason to be thankful.  He could have been a thorn in the side of Obama  for the next two years..we do not need him.

I am so very overwhelmingly thankful for the Super storm Sandy being a long ago and far away catastrophe that had such a huge impact on our East Coast neighbors. Yet, even though initially the people on the barrier islands were freaking out, the New Jersey Governor Christie became a real strong and admirable champion for his people.  And how our President Obama came to their aid immediately with federal assistance. God bless them, even though they did not impress most of the Republicans, I and many others are truly thankful.  Let’s give the ultimate thanks to God for what is going on right now between Israel and Gaza, and thankful for us not getting involved with our troops. Amen.

The Good News for Republicans

The big story on Action News today is that there is no more Democratic Ads on the TV.  Doesn’t that make you feel so relieved?  We also have none of yours be cool! The fact that both parties pissed so much money away on advertising with so many blatant lies, and so-called self praises. The fact that we have this new strange fiscal cliff to deal with is enough to get you wanting to see more campaign ads right?

We have re-elected Barack Obama for a second term. This means that your party, which were so determined in 2008 to make sure he was a one term president failed miserably.  Sadly, you guys wasted four years of the peoples tax monies, paying for you to sit in the Senate, and reject everything that came before you. Great non-accomplishment because end result was you did not succeed.. So now, we showed you we did not appreciate all that you tried to we are making sure we have enough Women in the House of Representatives, to keep you miserable rejecting your silly ideas for the next four years.

Illuminating the People

You know one of the mysteries of life is people having eyes to see, but they see not. Or having their understanding darkened. I just finished writing about Ol Mitty Romnesia with his crying about people getting “free stuff.” There are many people like him who get confused too when it comes to understanding about exactly what is the “free stuff.”

Hint:  It’s not like the Turkey Hill Stuffed Ice Cream…Ha ha Ha!

What it is actually: People who are on Medicare..usually the seniors over 65; however younger people, if they have a disability, are eligible. (do not let Mitt Know though.)also Medicaid, which is for people who are very low income without medical coverage.

And all of the Social Security beneficiaries; not necessarily the elderly. For instance, if I become a widow with a dependent child, I am eligible to get it for my son & myself as well. Then there’s the kids in college with their student loans,  Actually, we might not think the homeowners with taxpayer subsidized mortgages are included, but they sure are too.

These all fall into the government’s social programs category (Mitt’s not gonna like these.)


Romney & His Romnesia & His Trickonemittry

OK so the election was two whole weeks ago.. so Mitt Romney needs to listen to his fellow Republicans like Bill O’ Reilly who said..”sorry Mitt no pity party for you because you decided to go into hiding for the final week of the election.”  Meanwhile everyone else was dealing with the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy..sorry it was not important to you. By the way, are you the one person who has spent the most money ever for losing an election?  Can you publicly brag about how much you contributed to the Red Cross for Sandy’s victims?  Please we would love to compare it to your campaign contributions. Don’t forget these are tax deductible for Sandy, but I do not think so for your losing campaign.

Still no damn pity party for you winy piney guy.  Stop crying about Obama winning because of the gifts he gave to the minorities. You know the 47% you didn’t want to think about; Do you remember them now?  Perhaps in your nightmares you may be seeing them.  But, you should not be acting like you have been left behind with not getting anything,  How can you forget about the gift of 14% tax rate on your dividends, from your zillions for how many years?  Is this your ingratitude, or perhaps is it just cognitive dissonance?

Just Thinking about things that make me say hmmm..

There are lots of things in life that make us say hmmm.. a.k.a. pondering over. Sometimes I do get aggravated at people who do not have a well thought through plan of action.  You know what I mean? You have something like getting your car inspected, and you know you have to make a phone call, and make an appointment, and make sure you have an idea how long so you can get someone to possibly pick you up, if needed. Then you have to make sure you have already sent your renewal and received your new one back in the mail. You will also need to make sure the new sticker is in the envelope, and have your up to date insurance card as well. Now this whole ordeal of planning could take time like maybe a total of four or five hours all tolled. Right..?

So,now you have someone who just thinks none of this is necessary; they just pop into the shop about four or five days after the inspection is expired. They expect you to just accommodate them, even though they have no paperwork with them because of course the registration would not be in the glove compartment. In fact, the registration sent to them 90 days before, they never sent it back with the check for renewal.

Now, they just want you to do them a favor because the cop who stopped them on the way over is expecting them to come by the station to pick up the expired registration with everything all good and valid. All of a sudden, this is now on your plate, all because somebody thinks they do not need to have a well thought through plan of action..hmmm