Let He Without Sin Cast the 1st Stone

On the campaign trail Mitt Romney was disparaging Americans who turn to government to get what he terms “free stuff.”  His experience as a big shot executive is proof that he has the managerial qualities to run the government like a business, so he thinks. After all his stint as chief executive of the 2002 Winter Olympics, in Salt Lake City, when he adopted the cost-saving tactics to move their Washington office from a ritzy K street building to a modest flat squished in between a burrito shop and a hair salon.

Conveniently unmentioned by the heroic free-enterpriser, is that his success was the result of lots of “free stuff” he got. Specifically, the games nabbed 1.5 billion in direct federal funding and indirect financing from Washington after Mitt’s committee went grossly over budget; he was unable to attract enough private investment. If lobbying lawmakers for “free stuff’ were an Olympic event, Mitt would definitely take the gold. Next time we hear him assail poor people for getting food stamps, let’s remind him of his haul of government gold. He is a double minded man unstable in all his ways. Thank God he lost the election!


Pennsylvania has elected First Democrat and First Woman as Attorney-General

This is a really big deal indeed, because a change is long overdue in Harrisburg for sure.  Kathleen Kane  will replace Linda Kelly who is the present Attorney general, in January 2013.  Ms. Kelly was the replacement for Tom Corbett, who was appointed by the newly elected Governor, when he took office two years ago in 2011. He was the Attorney general for the past eight years 2002-2010.  He also is under close investigation because of his possible lack of taking care of his responsibility in the Jerry Sandusky case. He won’t have too much fun while awaiting the newly elected  Ms Kane’s promised review of the case. Also, facing voters in 2014, is sure to lose him some female votes, because of stumbling in the backing of mandatory invasive ultrasound tests, prior to an abortion.

I do believe her campaigning against the governor’s mishandling of this nationally known case involving the sexual abuse of young boys by a predator at the Penn State Campus, helped her tremendously to win the election.  I am sure she will pursue the case with a vengeance, so that justice shall prevail..no holes barred..no stone unturned.I do believe as Al Pacino so eloquently put it in And Justice for all ” I’m gonna get me a judge today.. because that son of a b—– is guilty.” I feel exactly the same way about Corbett, who has been involved in the same coverup as the ones who have been charged most recently.




Does Anybody Remember Watergate and Tricky Dicky?

Four decades ago, Republicans gave us a true liberal; Richard M. Nixon. He was a Quaker, and virtually riding on the coattails of  President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who he was vice-president to from 1952-1960.  When he ran against John F. Kennedy in 1960 he was beaten badly, and he was so distraught, we hardly heard from him for the next seven years.Then in 1967, we had the war in Vietnam escalating rapidly and President Lyndon Johnson, not being very popular, was deciding not to seek re-election.

So he felt he had a good chance of winning the presidency. Robert F. Kennedy, the Attorney General, enters the race as a democrat.  Now, he had a formidable opponent with a great following, who also had lots of people who loved his brother John who was assassinated in 1963. Let’s not forget his huge wealthy family backing him; nevertheless, with so much stacked against him, he enters an almost sure to lose race, and wins the Republican party’s nomination.  I know in my heart, he never would have beaten Bobby, but of course they assassinated him too.[This was my very first time to vote, and If I tell you I was disheartened, that’s an understatement.]  I was totally devastated. He did win the election, and was president from 1968 to 1974.

This year of 2012 the U.S. could not have elected a more left-wing president than Barack Obama?  Not true, they could have elected a Nixon. That’s right he supported the Clean Air Act, and affirmative action, he also established the Environmental Protection Agency. Also one of the agencies the businesses likely detests the most is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. [OSHA]. He bolstered Social Security, and issued a minim\um tax on the wealthy, and championed a guaranteed minimum income for the poor. He also proposed health reform that would require employers to buy health insurance for their employees. This was shot down by the Democrats; while today the Republicans want to get rid of Obamacare. He wasn’t a bit interested in the economy, and would go the extra mile to increase his popularity, including using public money. He also had no interest in overturning programs passed by President Johnson’s Democratic administration. This is a sure indication of how much the political center has moved in the last forty years.

The year was 1972 and of course it was an election for president year. Richard M. Nixon was the incumbent Republican President. He was extremely paranoid about not being reelected; therefore he was willing to do whatever it takes to insure his getting four more years. Thus a huge Watergate Scandal, which revealed the then President to be a dishonest, disgruntled, unhinged man who tried to coverup his involvement to the end that quite a few of his staff were offered as “sacrificial lambs.”  The only consequence for him was to have the disgrace of being The Impeached President, no prison or fines.

The Sad News for Republicans…You Lose and No Pity Party

There is such a thing as being overly confident right? I know I saw that with the losing candidate this year. I fell it could be deadly; for sure, when the confidence becomes cockiness it is nauseating, and so very annoying. The final admonition to our President from the loser, who was here in PA in the freezing cold on Sunday night November 4th, 2012, was telling our President to get back to Chicago where you belong and take all the hatred back there with you.

Well, we are not sorry to see you go back to wherever you live. Is it Massachusetts, or Michigan, or maybe you being a Mormon, you may be going to Utah?  Nobody really cares. Just make sure you take the “Hate of Satan” with you, along with those damn lying eyes. How come it is so true that the ones who are the accusers are the real pots calling the kettles black?

I can relate to an account in the gospels when the Pharisees and Sadducees brought Mary to Jesus telling Him that she was caught “in the very act” committing adultery. First of all, there cannot be adultery committed unless you are married, and we know she wasn’t. But here’s the irony:
you cannot do adultery alone; surely, they were the ones who she was caught “in the very act with.” Additionally, they were the adulterers who were the married sinners. So, if you still think your megabucks and the lies can buy a victory, you have been hanging out with too many Pharisees and Saducees: sorry, it’s no pity party for you.

Do We care ?? REALLY?

The fiscal cliff seems to be the big story since Tuesday, when we re-elected Barack Obama for the second term of his presidency.  How exciting is that for the majority of people without  ten year tax exemptions about to expire?  Not a bit!  Why should we care?

I may be a bit prejudiced, but in all honesty I live below the poverty level now; perhaps all of my life.  Therefore I know nothing else. I guess if I had millions getting ready to be taxed for the first time in ten years, I might need a pull ups or a diaper, or a Plug?

I am so busy being thankful that the right winger with the evil lying eyes did not get to buy the people of the U.S; I am wanting to bask in the glory right up to Thanksgiving.  Perhaps some may want to join me, it’s a good idea for sure. In order for us to have happy holidays, we need to put them and their lying rhetoric in the dumpster.  I just want to love & be loved!


I remember the people who were devastated by the collapse of the stock market before Barack Obama was president.  I know people who were retired and thought they could ease into their golden years by relying on their Ira’s or their 401k’s…NOT, they had to go back to work, in order to get out from under the deluge of losing 40% of their savings!

Jobs were being lost at a rate of 800,000 a month; Sadly, we were deeply bogged down in two wars, which were financially making the deficit increase day by day.

Then comes Barack Obama who won the American voters hearts, overwhelmingly, because of his wanting to help people; it was an historical election, won by a huge margin.

He helped get the economy back on track, as well as passing healthcare reform. He also stopped the insurance companies from abusing their people by declaring pre-existing conditions in order to not have to pay their insured claims. He got justice for Osama Bin Laden, as he promised.  Also he got us out of Iraq, and is winding up the war in Afghanistan, Yet, all he got credit for by Romney is losing jobs, and creating a deficit.

The facts tell the true story, not the Republicans whose lies hold no water. They insist on flip flopping all over the place, and if we paid more attention, we would be able to see their objective, was to prevent him from getting any bills through their Republican controlled house. Senate Republicans set a record for filibustering, and they set a record for wasting four years by passing the least amount legislation of any Congress in history. Pathetic how the hate for the man issued in such an irresponsible lack of action by these fools.

I cannot comprehend anyone wanting to go back to the policies of the Bush administration!



This being the eve of the election, I thought I would just share a couple things on my mind that were thrown around during this campaign. Do people really pay attention?

The most recent one was just last week after the state of New Jersey had such horrendous devastation from the super storm Sandy.  Of course, we have to give Governor Christie a real round of applause for all he has been endeavoring to do to get things done. He had the responsibility to take our president on a  tour of the damage from the storm.

However, some of his republican cohorts, were upset saying “he was sucking up to Obama.” Additionally they indicated he would not have their allegiance when he tries to run for the presidency in 2016.

What they were saying in actuality is they do not think they have a winner in Romney. Ifthey thought he is going to win tomorrow, there would be no other republican nominee for the presidency, because naturally, Romney, the incumbent would be running.

Another interesting statement made by Romney in these last days “I will eliminate the deficit in ten years, If I am elected.” Nevertheless, he criticizes Obama for not doing it in four years.  Sounds like he is a double talking fool eh?