I am sure since I found this in my draft folder on the eve of the Presidential election it must have  been something regarding voting.  I know that I do totally believe it is an absolute privilege; there are many countries that do not have this awesome responsibility. Yes, it is the same thing ..the privilege of responsibility.  It is a fact we live in this day and time now where people do sometime make so many excuses for not doing the simplest tasks; they would rather spend who knows how much wasted time trying to get out of doing things.  As a matter of fact if they realized the time and energy expended on making excuses, is three times the amount of time it would take to just do the task.

I am determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill my responsibilities. My mindset has been this way all my life; however, I will not do other people’s chores or their tasks, so that they can be lazy or irresponsible. I will help anyone and endeavor to encourage them; however, I absolutely will not be an enabler for slothfulness in anyone.  Get over the excuses, and get busy performing the doing of it.  I am absolutely determined you cannot help anybody by allowing them to get away with not doing their responsibilities, and using you as well.


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