Romney & His Romnesia & His Trickonemittry

OK so the election was two whole weeks ago.. so Mitt Romney needs to listen to his fellow Republicans like Bill O’ Reilly who said..”sorry Mitt no pity party for you because you decided to go into hiding for the final week of the election.”  Meanwhile everyone else was dealing with the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy..sorry it was not important to you. By the way, are you the one person who has spent the most money ever for losing an election?  Can you publicly brag about how much you contributed to the Red Cross for Sandy’s victims?  Please we would love to compare it to your campaign contributions. Don’t forget these are tax deductible for Sandy, but I do not think so for your losing campaign.

Still no damn pity party for you winy piney guy.  Stop crying about Obama winning because of the gifts he gave to the minorities. You know the 47% you didn’t want to think about; Do you remember them now?  Perhaps in your nightmares you may be seeing them.  But, you should not be acting like you have been left behind with not getting anything,  How can you forget about the gift of 14% tax rate on your dividends, from your zillions for how many years?  Is this your ingratitude, or perhaps is it just cognitive dissonance?


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