Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

This being the eve of the Thanksgiving Holiday, 2012, I feel it only my heartfelt responsibility to reflect on the things we have to be thankful for in light of the many challenges we have faced this year so far.  Many, but for the grace of God, would have sent most of us to the brink, not to be confused with the fiscal cliff, which I am sure most of us do not even want to try to comprehend. I do not intend to list them all for this entire year, or 324 days.

Most recently, we have had Veteran’s Day, which always makes us very humble and thankful for the peace we have in our homeland. Also, for the many brave and valiant men and women who have gone ahead and fought for us to be having the many freedoms we do enjoy here in the United States. We are so glad to be done with the elections..hooray!
The fact that the most vicious Republican enemy of our President, Allen West a tea party radical  just today finally conceded to losing is another reason to be thankful.  He could have been a thorn in the side of Obama  for the next two years..we do not need him.

I am so very overwhelmingly thankful for the Super storm Sandy being a long ago and far away catastrophe that had such a huge impact on our East Coast neighbors. Yet, even though initially the people on the barrier islands were freaking out, the New Jersey Governor Christie became a real strong and admirable champion for his people.  And how our President Obama came to their aid immediately with federal assistance. God bless them, even though they did not impress most of the Republicans, I and many others are truly thankful.  Let’s give the ultimate thanks to God for what is going on right now between Israel and Gaza, and thankful for us not getting involved with our troops. Amen.


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