This is the “art of justification” in the least common denominator.  You will remember this term if you’ve ever taken Psych 101.  It is a psychological disconnect which arises from holding incompatible ideas at the same time.  It can produce an uncomfortable stress, as a result of holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously.  Why do they try to justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions and hurtful acts?  Cognitive dissonance is such a simple idea that it’s hard to forget. But, in all honesty, I have seen it many times exhibited in many people, but never knew the “fifty cent term” for it.

There is a book”Mistakes were made {but not by me}”.by Carol Tavris & Eliot Aronson, which gives a lot more detail about this strange disorder.  However, if I were to tell you that it is a condition plaguing Mitt Romney, then you should understand it clearly for sure!



Here am I again sadly professing my deep concern for My dear Cliff Lee, who is the most admired player I have ever seen in my many years following baseball. The fact is that he can perform so brilliantly while being totally “hung out to dry” by his teammates. It is so horrible how they have deserted him this past season. It truly does give me angina!

Yet, the truly remarkable thing is that he handles it so gallantly.  What a terrible shame how the Phillie’s this year for the 27th time have scored one run or less in a game. In 198 innings with only 27 starts they have gotten him only 70 runs. This is  such an atrocity, because his record is only a measly 5-8; surely he should be a 20 game winner. He would very well be, if the team had been able to support him offensively.. It hurts oh so bad.

I will always continue to cherish him, not just for his brilliant performances, mostly for his being such a decent human being.  He never blamed the team or the manager for not  backing him all year.. but I do!


I am soo excited about the Phillies playing like the fans have expected all year…they are literally “hotter than hell.” I think they may have gotten a “HOT SHOT” somewhere, somehow, some way. I just love it, and am thrilled seeing them love playing the game.

I go totally revitalized by seeing their diving in and playing like winners; seeing them all year has been so hard. They had no dance in their step, as Charlie put it.  And he’s got to be elated because I do believe the possibility of his managing the 2013 season was on the line. He would have had to take the fall.

Even if they do not will the whole shebang, we can enjoy the exhilarating thrill of the ride down the stretch.  I hope this is how the majority of the Phillies fans are feeling; truth be told, there’s nothing like seeing “The Fightins” on fire with real enthusiasm, playing great  baseball. Giving their fans something to be thankful for, because they do have the absolute best fans in baseball, hands down.

Prayers are imperative NOW!

We need to go to God at this time and thank Him for peace in our world.  Even though we have this unrest and turmoil in our eastern countries Libya, Egypt Tunisia & Yemen, we can be going to God & have the peace in our hearts, expecting Him to work out the details.

There is nothing more powerful that we can do other than pray.  There is doubt worry and fear that we may choose to entertain; however, all that will get us is lost sleep, rashes,and lots of stress.  Be assured the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.



There is a very strange and sickening attitude running rampant throughout our day & time.  I am noticing it more & more everyday.  It is okay to lie, telling the truth is not important..It’s old hat to be honest & not tell lies.  Let me just say this. “I do not lie because…

1. I know I will get caught

2. It does not make me feel good

3. I know the truth needs no defense

4. I want to have integrity

5. Lies will always hurt someone

However, here’s a few examples of what people think..

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in an interview I read recently says”We live in a culture NOW where it’s almost like we are used to being lied to. it’s an incredible age we live in.”

What this says to me is like I am weird because I am not a liar; and I so do not like dealing with liars, because they can not be trusted with anything as far as I am concerned.
Some may say there’s something wrong with me because I expect people to be telling me the truth in complete opposition to what Julia thinks. However, I am not now, nor will I ever get used to being lied to!

There’s also a line in the zillion copies sold of Adele’s Cd ” 21″..not sure which song, but  I know the quote says “just because I said it..doesn’t mean I meant it.”  This really irritates me as I feel it makes the person who believed it an “dumb-ass.” That’s an outright insult!

Can we come together..PUHLEEEEZZE?

This is a world that is sorely divided at every possible turn of the road. Is there anything we can honestly agree on? Especially during this election season when we have to elect a man to deal with extraordinarily difficult issues, like what President Obama had this week.

Let’s face it Bush in 2000 was a baby, and  he had no experience when he took office to handle the minor duties. Howbeit, nothing whatsoever of the magnitude of the terrorists and their destructive evil. He had big decisions, humungous ones, which are not standard necessarily for the president. How many mistakes can we attribute to his inadequacy?

Most importantly, since he left office, how much have we heard from him?  How many interviews has he had; in essence he’s been “in hiding.” He has never had to give an account; isn’t that an atrocity?  Never ran after his second term, and after his first term  seemed was like the “Big Retaliater.”  He was going to get even for 9-11, by getting Saddam Hussein for the ferocious murders of our people. Not to forget the oh so important weapons of mass destruction they were harboring.

No! Saddam was not the demon behind the 9-11 murders, nor were there WMD”S found in Iraq. The truth is Bush was duped, and again never was forced to be accountable. But, his #2 man, Dick Cheney who was the main puppeteer of this Presidency, got filthy rich!!

Can we come together and give some allegiance to the man with such heavy weights on his skinny shoulders? Can we support him for his accomplishing so much with so little from this antagonistic congress fighting him for  two years..Can we  PUHLEEEEZZE!


I am in a real state of shock, yet not complaining. I have been stressing so much over the NON- FIGHTINS as this season has been a real horrendous ride with them. We all feel they surely could have done something all year instead of saving it for the very end.

But, now  I feel compelled to sound the HORN OF PRAISE for them because they have been absolutely awesome most recently.

They very much could win the wild card after being in the cellar for so long.They are only 51/2 games back.

It’s exhilirating to see them play so brilliantly like we do so remember and come to expect from our FIGHTINS!

This is an enjoyable thrilling feeling.. better late than never..I am sure enjoying the thrill of the ride!