Pennsylvania has elected First Democrat and First Woman as Attorney-General

This is a really big deal indeed, because a change is long overdue in Harrisburg for sure.  Kathleen Kane  will replace Linda Kelly who is the present Attorney general, in January 2013.  Ms. Kelly was the replacement for Tom Corbett, who was appointed by the newly elected Governor, when he took office two years ago in 2011. He was the Attorney general for the past eight years 2002-2010.  He also is under close investigation because of his possible lack of taking care of his responsibility in the Jerry Sandusky case. He won’t have too much fun while awaiting the newly elected  Ms Kane’s promised review of the case. Also, facing voters in 2014, is sure to lose him some female votes, because of stumbling in the backing of mandatory invasive ultrasound tests, prior to an abortion.

I do believe her campaigning against the governor’s mishandling of this nationally known case involving the sexual abuse of young boys by a predator at the Penn State Campus, helped her tremendously to win the election.  I am sure she will pursue the case with a vengeance, so that justice shall holes stone unturned.I do believe as Al Pacino so eloquently put it in And Justice for all ” I’m gonna get me a judge today.. because that son of a b—– is guilty.” I feel exactly the same way about Corbett, who has been involved in the same coverup as the ones who have been charged most recently.





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