Illuminating the People

You know one of the mysteries of life is people having eyes to see, but they see not. Or having their understanding darkened. I just finished writing about Ol Mitty Romnesia with his crying about people getting “free stuff.” There are many people like him who get confused too when it comes to understanding about exactly what is the “free stuff.”

Hint:  It’s not like the Turkey Hill Stuffed Ice Cream…Ha ha Ha!

What it is actually: People who are on Medicare..usually the seniors over 65; however younger people, if they have a disability, are eligible. (do not let Mitt Know though.)also Medicaid, which is for people who are very low income without medical coverage.

And all of the Social Security beneficiaries; not necessarily the elderly. For instance, if I become a widow with a dependent child, I am eligible to get it for my son & myself as well. Then there’s the kids in college with their student loans,  Actually, we might not think the homeowners with taxpayer subsidized mortgages are included, but they sure are too.

These all fall into the government’s social programs category (Mitt’s not gonna like these.)