Let He Without Sin Cast the 1st Stone

On the campaign trail Mitt Romney was disparaging Americans who turn to government to get what he terms “free stuff.”  His experience as a big shot executive is proof that he has the managerial qualities to run the government like a business, so he thinks. After all his stint as chief executive of the 2002 Winter Olympics, in Salt Lake City, when he adopted the cost-saving tactics to move their Washington office from a ritzy K street building to a modest flat squished in between a burrito shop and a hair salon.

Conveniently unmentioned by the heroic free-enterpriser, is that his success was the result of lots of “free stuff” he got. Specifically, the games nabbed 1.5 billion in direct federal funding and indirect financing from Washington after Mitt’s committee went grossly over budget; he was unable to attract enough private investment. If lobbying lawmakers for “free stuff’ were an Olympic event, Mitt would definitely take the gold. Next time we hear him assail poor people for getting food stamps, let’s remind him of his haul of government gold. He is a double minded man unstable in all his ways. Thank God he lost the election!


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