The Good News for Republicans

The big story on Action News today is that there is no more Democratic Ads on the TV.  Doesn’t that make you feel so relieved?  We also have none of yours be cool! The fact that both parties pissed so much money away on advertising with so many blatant lies, and so-called self praises. The fact that we have this new strange fiscal cliff to deal with is enough to get you wanting to see more campaign ads right?

We have re-elected Barack Obama for a second term. This means that your party, which were so determined in 2008 to make sure he was a one term president failed miserably.  Sadly, you guys wasted four years of the peoples tax monies, paying for you to sit in the Senate, and reject everything that came before you. Great non-accomplishment because end result was you did not succeed.. So now, we showed you we did not appreciate all that you tried to we are making sure we have enough Women in the House of Representatives, to keep you miserable rejecting your silly ideas for the next four years.


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