We do have some real needs in this world. Yes,we have people who have no money for food. Then we have so many politicians pissing money away on these oh so negative disgusting “attack ads.” Can we possibly try to get our priorities in the proper arrangement?

This should not be..No way!  I have such compassion for the people who are without the necessary simple basics of life. i.e. food, water, housing, and shelter. I have never in my life been that needy; although raising three sons by myself as a single Mom was in no way easy. I had to tell them no a lot to anything other than the bare necessities.  And I had to work two or three jobs to be able to survive & never did I not pay the bills. I paid them on time for sure.

It is a lopsided society we live in; however, I remember asking My parents when I was growing up why we did not have this or that like my friends, and my Dad would respond.” “we have the basic necessities, food, water, and heat and shelter.”  I said we must be poor, and he snapped back, “no we are not, we are just living within our means.” That’s the way it is!  We were truly never deprived, because we had our needs met..not our greed!



Oh what a sick, sick society we live in!  I just did my homework assignment on the senseless, random acts of violence and massacres happening in our day and time. I  get more irate when I find out additional information. It is astounding to me to find out Holmes, who was a college student, managed to get all these weapons of mass destruction free without spending one penny of his own money. Rather, it was taxpayers monies, which he did get to pay for his books through financial aid.

Also, he was dressed all in black with a gas mask, and a load bearing vest, with a ballistic helmet, and bullet resisting leggings.I would take a guess that he expected to be shot at?  He shot randomly, and hit one woman who was pregnant.  He killed her six-year-old daughter, and caused her to have a miscarriage. Twelve killed and 58 injured, this was the most victims of any mass shooting since Columbine in 1999.

Immediately afterwards, gun sales went up 40%.

The Dark Knight Rises, the film being shown had a trailer being shown in some cities with a scene involving the main characters shooting at a movie theater audience with machine guns?  Supposedly some cities had suspended this trailer, which simply means for a time. I was appalled in my paper that these people have got to be done in with all these long term medical bills. Then I read where they collected five million dollars in a victims fund; but, we know suspended means soon to be reinstated right?

Also the newest Batman Incorporated film delayed the release date because it includes a scene where a female Leviathan agent whips out a handgun in a class room full of children..thus the spiritual comes in..this is sicker than sick & oh so deb

Can We Let Ol’ Joe Rest in Peace

My homework assignments this week are on athletics. To be sure my most unfavorite sport is football; however, all five of them are on football.  Whoopee! There are so many guys tooting their horns. Rationalizing about all their shortcomings a.k.a.” screwups.” Just four of them because the one on Joe Paterno has not been refuted, due to the fact he is no longer with us.  He was, if you will bear with me “tormented to death,” last fall after the big scandal hit the headlines. However, the commentaries still do not let him rest in peace

I do not know all the facts, but I am convinced Ol’ Joe wasn’t any big coverup artist.  Nor do I  think  he was involved in any kind of conspiracy to defend a child rapist. In fact he was one of Sandusky’s victims also. He probably did not know anything about pedophiles, or what they do. Let’s not be in a rush to judgment. The law says innocent until proven guilty. Right?  There will be a time to exonerate him and to clear his name down the road; or to convict him and destroy his legacy.

We do not know what he knew; we only know we should have solid evidence that he knowingly conspired to protect Penn State. Surely, before we start being judge, jury and executioner, we need to reserve judgement until after the trial. The truth should come out during the trial of ex-PSU official athletic director Tim Curley in January, then we will all be able to say that we know that we know that we know!!! Amen..


My heart goes out to the teenagers who have their attention on the Presidential election Nevertheless, they are lacking the information needed to make an educated choice. In any event they are watching the debates,and  infomercials, negative as they may be Just the fact that they are interested blesses my socks off.

My friends daughter ran up to me on Sunday and stated she knew who we should vote for; as well as  who would make the best president, and why. I encouraged her to not just go along with the gang; but, to make sure she was well informed about the candidates, and what they stood for. I was thrilled because when I was a teenager John F. Kennedy was running and his motorcade rode right down past our school one day in October, and we were all so very turned on. We were waring the buttons, bracelets, and hats, we were all fired up about the election.

Unfortunately, the parents are unable to really help them because they just do not know what’s going on. They are not interested in finding out, because they cannot fix it.  As a result they do not know where they stand..not good eh?

In the 2000 election the 18-29 young vote was 36%;while in 2008 the youth vote was higher and brought victory for the Democrats. It will be interesting to find out what percent of these young votes are cast in this upcoming election in just a few 25 days.


This is a blog which I wrote on Wednesday when I was really on fire about the people we see who have the audacity to be “spewing off” about the elections and the candidates and what they think they know,when they are so not informed.  They either don’t know because they do not try to get their facts straight; they just believe the stuff they want to hear; all the while holding onto their beliefs and traditions regardless of whether right or wrong. I have come across too many of these types lately..I am truly “fed up.” I would go so far as to say if they not taken the time to find out where these guys stand on the issues, not where they dare to say they stand, but rather by checking out their track record..then do not go near the polls..rather than go in blinded by ” the crapola.”


I am so  thrilled with the way Our Ol Joe handled the opponent.  He was hilarious with Paul Ryan with his funny grins and out bursts of laughter. I found it to be as I predicted, Biden literally shredded the boy. He was correcting him as a father would a son, and he was not mean or vicious.  But he did not let one lie go by like our president did last week.  He did what President Obama did not do in about twenty minutes.  I feel this was the best vice-presidential debate because there were factual things that needed to be corrected, and for all intensive purposes Joe did the job.
Ryan could not give a better statement than ”sometimes the words come out of our mouths differently than we intended?”‘ Someday, sometime, somewhere, somehow, some people are going to come to the realization that not being truthful never works.. because all the lies get washed out eventually when the truth surfaces.  If they would stop believing they could get away with them, they would be what you would call Wise!







Can we honestly address this subject realistically and own up top the fact that there is an uncontrollable rampage of evil and violence taking hold in this world everywhere and the underlying cause is definitely HATE!

The determining factor of whether or not you are a true republican conservative, for instance is how much you hate our president Barack Obama.  There is a census that the lack of respect for him comes from the fact they do believe he is just a Muslim. 

This is the reason for so many senseless killings,”hate.” It is fed constantly by the media and the ads on TV, not to mention these violent sick and hateful videos the kids play on x-box. The political candidates are manifesting it way too much toward each other.  Kids are not lovingly encouraging one another; instead they are bullying each other, and having lots of hate being slung around in our schools.

We need to do something to ward off all this violence,lack of respect, and destruction. Too many bloody massacres due to a careless disregard for human life.  Let’s take a real strong stand with gun control

We could choose to follow the lead of Israel’s policies. They are limited to owning only one pistol, and must go through an extensive mental and physical testing to be able to get it. They can only have 50 rounds of ammunition per year. One 22 or 45 caliber is all that we need, other wise it could work against us,.. We need to get a handle on this NOW!