The Sad News for Republicans…You Lose and No Pity Party

There is such a thing as being overly confident right? I know I saw that with the losing candidate this year. I fell it could be deadly; for sure, when the confidence becomes cockiness it is nauseating, and so very annoying. The final admonition to our President from the loser, who was here in PA in the freezing cold on Sunday night November 4th, 2012, was telling our President to get back to Chicago where you belong and take all the hatred back there with you.

Well, we are not sorry to see you go back to wherever you live. Is it Massachusetts, or Michigan, or maybe you being a Mormon, you may be going to Utah?  Nobody really cares. Just make sure you take the “Hate of Satan” with you, along with those damn lying eyes. How come it is so true that the ones who are the accusers are the real pots calling the kettles black?

I can relate to an account in the gospels when the Pharisees and Sadducees brought Mary to Jesus telling Him that she was caught “in the very act” committing adultery. First of all, there cannot be adultery committed unless you are married, and we know she wasn’t. But here’s the irony:
you cannot do adultery alone; surely, they were the ones who she was caught “in the very act with.” Additionally, they were the adulterers who were the married sinners. So, if you still think your megabucks and the lies can buy a victory, you have been hanging out with too many Pharisees and Saducees: sorry, it’s no pity party for you.


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