Do We care ?? REALLY?

The fiscal cliff seems to be the big story since Tuesday, when we re-elected Barack Obama for the second term of his presidency.  How exciting is that for the majority of people without  ten year tax exemptions about to expire?  Not a bit!  Why should we care?

I may be a bit prejudiced, but in all honesty I live below the poverty level now; perhaps all of my life.  Therefore I know nothing else. I guess if I had millions getting ready to be taxed for the first time in ten years, I might need a pull ups or a diaper, or a Plug?

I am so busy being thankful that the right winger with the evil lying eyes did not get to buy the people of the U.S; I am wanting to bask in the glory right up to Thanksgiving.  Perhaps some may want to join me, it’s a good idea for sure. In order for us to have happy holidays, we need to put them and their lying rhetoric in the dumpster.  I just want to love & be loved!


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