This being the eve of the election, I thought I would just share a couple things on my mind that were thrown around during this campaign. Do people really pay attention?

The most recent one was just last week after the state of New Jersey had such horrendous devastation from the super storm Sandy.  Of course, we have to give Governor Christie a real round of applause for all he has been endeavoring to do to get things done. He had the responsibility to take our president on a  tour of the damage from the storm.

However, some of his republican cohorts, were upset saying “he was sucking up to Obama.” Additionally they indicated he would not have their allegiance when he tries to run for the presidency in 2016.

What they were saying in actuality is they do not think they have a winner in Romney. Ifthey thought he is going to win tomorrow, there would be no other republican nominee for the presidency, because naturally, Romney, the incumbent would be running.

Another interesting statement made by Romney in these last days “I will eliminate the deficit in ten years, If I am elected.” Nevertheless, he criticizes Obama for not doing it in four years.  Sounds like he is a double talking fool eh?




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