I remember the people who were devastated by the collapse of the stock market before Barack Obama was president.  I know people who were retired and thought they could ease into their golden years by relying on their Ira’s or their 401k’s…NOT, they had to go back to work, in order to get out from under the deluge of losing 40% of their savings!

Jobs were being lost at a rate of 800,000 a month; Sadly, we were deeply bogged down in two wars, which were financially making the deficit increase day by day.

Then comes Barack Obama who won the American voters hearts, overwhelmingly, because of his wanting to help people; it was an historical election, won by a huge margin.

He helped get the economy back on track, as well as passing healthcare reform. He also stopped the insurance companies from abusing their people by declaring pre-existing conditions in order to not have to pay their insured claims. He got justice for Osama Bin Laden, as he promised.  Also he got us out of Iraq, and is winding up the war in Afghanistan, Yet, all he got credit for by Romney is losing jobs, and creating a deficit.

The facts tell the true story, not the Republicans whose lies hold no water. They insist on flip flopping all over the place, and if we paid more attention, we would be able to see their objective, was to prevent him from getting any bills through their Republican controlled house. Senate Republicans set a record for filibustering, and they set a record for wasting four years by passing the least amount legislation of any Congress in history. Pathetic how the hate for the man issued in such an irresponsible lack of action by these fools.

I cannot comprehend anyone wanting to go back to the policies of the Bush administration!


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