We are ready for the celebration

I know for sure this has been a week we hopefully will not believe to have to go through again.. Hoping is not going to make it happen..we all need to get informed about what the candidates are proposing or against. This is your life guy; treat it as an important thing!

The devastation of our shores and the needs of the people who have lost oh so much.. should be taken into consideration before you venture out to the polls. Any doubt worry or fear should only be if we feel the lies will win.They cannot ever win because the truth always will come out in the wash.

Do you think President Obama has been has been a good president?  Do you think he was treated so unfairly with the house and the senate making sure he was unable to get a bill  through their grizzly houses?  They showed so much hate and disdain toward him because they are so very prejudiced.  THERE HAS NEVER BEEN  ANOTHER INCUMBENT IN HISTORY HAVING AS MUCH OPPOSITION AS BARACK OBAMA???







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