We do have some real needs in this world. Yes,we have people who have no money for food. Then we have so many politicians pissing money away on these oh so negative disgusting “attack ads.” Can we possibly try to get our priorities in the proper arrangement?

This should not be..No way!  I have such compassion for the people who are without the necessary simple basics of life. i.e. food, water, housing, and shelter. I have never in my life been that needy; although raising three sons by myself as a single Mom was in no way easy. I had to tell them no a lot to anything other than the bare necessities.  And I had to work two or three jobs to be able to survive & never did I not pay the bills. I paid them on time for sure.

It is a lopsided society we live in; however, I remember asking My parents when I was growing up why we did not have this or that like my friends, and my Dad would respond.” “we have the basic necessities, food, water, and heat and shelter.”  I said we must be poor, and he snapped back, “no we are not, we are just living within our means.” That’s the way it is!  We were truly never deprived, because we had our needs met..not our greed!


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