Oh what a sick, sick society we live in!  I just did my homework assignment on the senseless, random acts of violence and massacres happening in our day and time. I  get more irate when I find out additional information. It is astounding to me to find out Holmes, who was a college student, managed to get all these weapons of mass destruction free without spending one penny of his own money. Rather, it was taxpayers monies, which he did get to pay for his books through financial aid.

Also, he was dressed all in black with a gas mask, and a load bearing vest, with a ballistic helmet, and bullet resisting leggings.I would take a guess that he expected to be shot at?  He shot randomly, and hit one woman who was pregnant.  He killed her six-year-old daughter, and caused her to have a miscarriage. Twelve killed and 58 injured, this was the most victims of any mass shooting since Columbine in 1999.

Immediately afterwards, gun sales went up 40%.

The Dark Knight Rises, the film being shown had a trailer being shown in some cities with a scene involving the main characters shooting at a movie theater audience with machine guns?  Supposedly some cities had suspended this trailer, which simply means for a time. I was appalled in my paper that these people have got to be done in with all these long term medical bills. Then I read where they collected five million dollars in a victims fund; but, we know suspended means soon to be reinstated right?

Also the newest Batman Incorporated film delayed the release date because it includes a scene where a female Leviathan agent whips out a handgun in a class room full of children..thus the spiritual comes in..this is sicker than sick & oh so deb


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