My heart goes out to the teenagers who have their attention on the Presidential election Nevertheless, they are lacking the information needed to make an educated choice. In any event they are watching the debates,and  infomercials, negative as they may be Just the fact that they are interested blesses my socks off.

My friends daughter ran up to me on Sunday and stated she knew who we should vote for; as well as  who would make the best president, and why. I encouraged her to not just go along with the gang; but, to make sure she was well informed about the candidates, and what they stood for. I was thrilled because when I was a teenager John F. Kennedy was running and his motorcade rode right down past our school one day in October, and we were all so very turned on. We were waring the buttons, bracelets, and hats, we were all fired up about the election.

Unfortunately, the parents are unable to really help them because they just do not know what’s going on. They are not interested in finding out, because they cannot fix it.  As a result they do not know where they stand..not good eh?

In the 2000 election the 18-29 young vote was 36%;while in 2008 the youth vote was higher and brought victory for the Democrats. It will be interesting to find out what percent of these young votes are cast in this upcoming election in just a few 25 days.


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