I am so  thrilled with the way Our Ol Joe handled the opponent.  He was hilarious with Paul Ryan with his funny grins and out bursts of laughter. I found it to be as I predicted, Biden literally shredded the boy. He was correcting him as a father would a son, and he was not mean or vicious.  But he did not let one lie go by like our president did last week.  He did what President Obama did not do in about twenty minutes.  I feel this was the best vice-presidential debate because there were factual things that needed to be corrected, and for all intensive purposes Joe did the job.
Ryan could not give a better statement than ”sometimes the words come out of our mouths differently than we intended?”‘ Someday, sometime, somewhere, somehow, some people are going to come to the realization that not being truthful never works.. because all the lies get washed out eventually when the truth surfaces.  If they would stop believing they could get away with them, they would be what you would call Wise!







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