Can we honestly address this subject realistically and own up top the fact that there is an uncontrollable rampage of evil and violence taking hold in this world everywhere and the underlying cause is definitely HATE!

The determining factor of whether or not you are a true republican conservative, for instance is how much you hate our president Barack Obama.  There is a census that the lack of respect for him comes from the fact they do believe he is just a Muslim. 

This is the reason for so many senseless killings,”hate.” It is fed constantly by the media and the ads on TV, not to mention these violent sick and hateful videos the kids play on x-box. The political candidates are manifesting it way too much toward each other.  Kids are not lovingly encouraging one another; instead they are bullying each other, and having lots of hate being slung around in our schools.

We need to do something to ward off all this violence,lack of respect, and destruction. Too many bloody massacres due to a careless disregard for human life.  Let’s take a real strong stand with gun control

We could choose to follow the lead of Israel’s policies. They are limited to owning only one pistol, and must go through an extensive mental and physical testing to be able to get it. They can only have 50 rounds of ammunition per year. One 22 or 45 caliber is all that we need, other wise it could work against us,.. We need to get a handle on this NOW!


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