My Occipital Neuralgia

This is something I woke up with on Friday morning; believe me no one should ever have this. It causes piercing, throbbing or electric shock-like pain in the upper neck in back of the head and behind your ear. It isolates itself usually on the one side of your head.  The pain starts typically in the neck, and then spreads upwards; sometime you have the pain into your scalp and forehead. It can even get behind the eyes; also it can cause the eyes to be light sensitive.

The bone is very tender to the touch, and when my chiropractor was pressing on it both Sunday & Tuesday..I thought I was going to pass out it was so horrible. The reason you need  to get adjusted by a chiropractor is because the occipital nerves extend from the area where the spine meets the neck, just below the axis. I sure do hope you never have this experience in your life. It is no fun whatsoever!


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