We have heard nothing else on the political front since Wednesday other than the people’s response on these two birds. My personal feelings were they were both on drugs..Romney was absolutely on amphetamines; however, our dear President Obama was on love potion #9? ROFLMAO.. There was such a complete difference between these two characters, it was hard to believe they were both running for the presidency of the U.S.

There were lots of facts and lies; there was lots of aggressiveness portrayed by Romney. There was lots of passiveness as well as a real lack of wanting to be there on the part of the president.  Personally, I think he was mentally in a nice  “I love my wife” zone on their 20th wedding anniversary. I do admire his romantic nature though.. I just needed to see some chutzpah, which was very much missing.

He missed some tremendous opportunities to nail Romney to a proverbial cross.When Romney was tooting his horn about all he plans to do for the middle class..yeah right, I feel he should have said very cool and calmly, “In all honesty isn’t it true you have no clue about the middle class; you have no idea, being born into such wealth how could you?” This would have been a perfect seagway into the 47% eh?? He never used it WHY?


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