I know very little about football; I desire to know even less.  As a very unknowledgable observer on the sidelines, I can tell they have been playing just okay.  But the quarterback, Michael Vick. letting the ball get away from him on turnovers, is not acceptable. They have four which is the most in their league.  My son says this is lousy the way they’re giving the ball up.

I was in a restaurant this afternoon, and when I went to restroom the guys at the bar sounded like they wanted to kill Vick. Sounds like their coach Andy Reid and Charlie Manuel of the Phillies, should both fade into the wild blue yonder together. The Philly sports fans are unforgiving with their teams..they expect so much more because they are the most intense sports fans anywhere in the whole world.. They are not ever accepting the teams who do not do their absolute excuses!


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