Presidential Debate Tonight

1st question for Mr. Romney What can you say to convince me to vote for you in one sentence?

1st for President  Can you explain the healthcare advantages for us seniors with medicare?

2nd question for Mr. Romney Please tell me the advantages of no tax increase for the very wealthy and how will it benefit the lower income people.

2nd question for President Will you be raising taxes for those earning  less than $250,000?

3rd question for Mr. Romney Have you a plan for the people on the welfare rolls?

3rd question for President Do you have plans to help the people on welfare?

4th question for Mr. Romney Could it be that having been born wealthy you cannot fathom having the government subsidize your medical or housing needs?

4th question for President Did you have any financial help for college?

5th question for Mr. Romney How do you plan to handle the oil crises?

5th question for our dear President Can you tell us your plan for getting gasoline prices DOWN and keeping them more affordable?


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