Well it’s finally here, the last day of the most upsetting Roller Coaster Ride with the so not good Unfightins  season this year.  I am telling you I know I am not alone when I say “They have given us too many  frustrating days and nights.  As for me, my own personal disappointment was seeing the horrible treatment of the best pitcher I have ever seen. He was so absolutely brilliant 90% of the season;yet, his team offensively let him down consistently.  The fourth lowest run support in all of baseball.

He is such a decent guy, he never bad mouthed anyone. He just took it with a grain of salt.  Whenever they interviewed him, they heard him say “It is what it is”, would be his only statement. I do so admire this great guy, and have never seen any other pitcher who could be so valiant and graceful, in light of what I feel is so much lack of respect.  Especially from Charlie who has not backed him or stuck with him at all this year. His record being so horrendous in this tumultuous fiasco of a season..truth be told, his respect for so many others has very little to be desired in my book. Cliff Lee is the B-E-S-T!!


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