Here am I again sadly professing my deep concern for My dear Cliff Lee, who is the most admired player I have ever seen in my many years following baseball. The fact is that he can perform so brilliantly while being totally “hung out to dry” by his teammates. It is so horrible how they have deserted him this past season. It truly does give me angina!

Yet, the truly remarkable thing is that he handles it so gallantly.  What a terrible shame how the Phillie’s this year for the 27th time have scored one run or less in a game. In 198 innings with only 27 starts they have gotten him only 70 runs. This is  such an atrocity, because his record is only a measly 5-8; surely he should be a 20 game winner. He would very well be, if the team had been able to support him offensively.. It hurts oh so bad.

I will always continue to cherish him, not just for his brilliant performances, mostly for his being such a decent human being.  He never blamed the team or the manager for not  backing him all year.. but I do!


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