There is a very strange and sickening attitude running rampant throughout our day & time.  I am noticing it more & more everyday.  It is okay to lie, telling the truth is not important..It’s old hat to be honest & not tell lies.  Let me just say this. “I do not lie because…

1. I know I will get caught

2. It does not make me feel good

3. I know the truth needs no defense

4. I want to have integrity

5. Lies will always hurt someone

However, here’s a few examples of what people think..

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in an interview I read recently says”We live in a culture NOW where it’s almost like we are used to being lied to. it’s an incredible age we live in.”

What this says to me is like I am weird because I am not a liar; and I so do not like dealing with liars, because they can not be trusted with anything as far as I am concerned.
Some may say there’s something wrong with me because I expect people to be telling me the truth in complete opposition to what Julia thinks. However, I am not now, nor will I ever get used to being lied to!

There’s also a line in the zillion copies sold of Adele’s Cd ” 21″..not sure which song, but  I know the quote says “just because I said it..doesn’t mean I meant it.”  This really irritates me as I feel it makes the person who believed it an “dumb-ass.” That’s an outright insult!


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