Can we come together..PUHLEEEEZZE?

This is a world that is sorely divided at every possible turn of the road. Is there anything we can honestly agree on? Especially during this election season when we have to elect a man to deal with extraordinarily difficult issues, like what President Obama had this week.

Let’s face it Bush in 2000 was a baby, and  he had no experience when he took office to handle the minor duties. Howbeit, nothing whatsoever of the magnitude of the terrorists and their destructive evil. He had big decisions, humungous ones, which are not standard necessarily for the president. How many mistakes can we attribute to his inadequacy?

Most importantly, since he left office, how much have we heard from him?  How many interviews has he had; in essence he’s been “in hiding.” He has never had to give an account; isn’t that an atrocity?  Never ran after his second term, and after his first term  seemed was like the “Big Retaliater.”  He was going to get even for 9-11, by getting Saddam Hussein for the ferocious murders of our people. Not to forget the oh so important weapons of mass destruction they were harboring.

No! Saddam was not the demon behind the 9-11 murders, nor were there WMD”S found in Iraq. The truth is Bush was duped, and again never was forced to be accountable. But, his #2 man, Dick Cheney who was the main puppeteer of this Presidency, got filthy rich!!

Can we come together and give some allegiance to the man with such heavy weights on his skinny shoulders? Can we support him for his accomplishing so much with so little from this antagonistic congress fighting him for  two years..Can we  PUHLEEEEZZE!


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