I am soo excited about the Phillies playing like the fans have expected all year…they are literally “hotter than hell.” I think they may have gotten a “HOT SHOT” somewhere, somehow, some way. I just love it, and am thrilled seeing them love playing the game.

I go totally revitalized by seeing their diving in and playing like winners; seeing them all year has been so hard. They had no dance in their step, as Charlie put it.  And he’s got to be elated because I do believe the possibility of his managing the 2013 season was on the line. He would have had to take the fall.

Even if they do not will the whole shebang, we can enjoy the exhilarating thrill of the ride down the stretch.  I hope this is how the majority of the Phillies fans are feeling; truth be told, there’s nothing like seeing “The Fightins” on fire with real enthusiasm, playing great  baseball. Giving their fans something to be thankful for, because they do have the absolute best fans in baseball, hands down.


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