In the defense of My Cliffey

Just in case you are new to my likes & dislikes I am a real genuine fan of Cliff Lee..I LOVE HIM!

This has been his year from hell as far as his record shows 4-7..because he is a brilliant

pitcher on a so not good team this year.  The Fightins have fallen and now at the bottom of the

leagues standings, they are still trying to do what they do best.  Set the fans up for a big letdown!

I cannot stand it.. they failed to back up Cliff again last night with a lousy run in 6 innings. Charley too

shows his lack of respect for the brilliant pitching he does, because he comes out to the mound & does

not say a word, he just yanks the ball out of his hand. I am sure in the bottom of the 7th when they scored

2 runs after he was taken out, then had the 2 men still on base with 2 outs and tied the game but could

have taken the lead if Charlie did some managing, and put in a pitch hitter like “Chooch” who just came off

the disabled list and could have given a timely hit for Cliff to win the game. He gets no decision it’s unfair.

Another brilliant effort fallen by the wayside because we have an “over the hill guy” at the helm RETIRE!!


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