Well for sure this 2012 Phillie’s season has been a really sad, disappointing one for me.  After the previous 5 years of triumph 2007-2011, we have seen a downward spiral of too many losses early in the season. It was really painful to see,YET in the beginning all the people were saying was it’s early in the season, it doesn’t matter because it’s early YET! What does matter now is all the games they gave away earlier in the 8th & 9th innings. Now it’s late, no time with only 28 games left, but they are able to finish more respectively.

However my personal heartache was having to watch how they did not help Cliff Lee the entire year; they let him down time after time.  Offensively they had only 1 run for him in 7 out of his first 21 starts, that’s absolutely pitiful! Defensively, they were missing the balls they should have been able to catch, or dropping the balls they did catch.  Bottom line they were not backing him up at all this season. This guy is an outstanding athlete,and a great fielder as well as being terrific with the bat. He can drive in runs, and was just used as a pitch hitter in Friday’s game. He also had to get a hit himself and then score the only run in a game where they were not able to get him one in 7 innings.

His record this season does in no way reflect how brilliant he is. He has only 4 wins and 7 losses out of 25 starts. His ERA is 2.97 when it should be lower; nevertheless, he is a tremendous person, who does not do any complaining. He says he is just thankful to have an opportunity to pitch every 5th day; then he puts the game behind him when he loses he doesn’t make excuses or blame anyone .Cliff Lee is my absolute favorite ballplayer!


2 thoughts on “THE FALLEN FIGHTINS

    • The truth of the matter is Charlie is not able to manage anymore .. he needs to retire. This year he pushed himself over the limit & where did it get them? Last place for almost half the season, and it was so painful watching them fall by the wayside. Next year with a new leader at the helm they will do valiantly, I do absolutely believe this for sure!

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